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Buzios - Brazil
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Buzios, with the beauty of its twenty-four beaches, was founded in the 15th Century as a small fishermen's village, placed in the brazilian coast.

Many important events that would have tremendous effects in Brazil's history had place in here, and were very influential in the cultural development of the city.

Now Búzios is crowded of typical as well as international restaurants, a marvelous golf camp, shows and night clubs, hotels and inns, and even a film festival.


Welcome BuziosPreserving the original architecture, old muddy tiles still can be seen as rustic wood constructions and the famous Rua das Pedras, where all these traditions live together with an environment of sophistication and modernism, making Buzios a magnetic and unique location.

Buzios was Tuinambas indians village, pirates harbour, Royal beach, banana farm, stage of several of the most important battles, celebrities´s refugee from paparazzi´s cameras and today it´s worlwide known as an international turistic destination.

Conquers, wars, loves, injustices and curiosities from the new land made of Buzios a harbour where many races and different kind of people as different as pirates or jesuits, indians and frenchs, mixes to be consider the most cosmopolitan beach of the world and one of the most visited places in Brazil.

More than twenty different nations live in harmony in Buzios, among africans, germans, argentinians, americans, cubans, spanishs, italians, and so on. People brought their costumes, cultures and traditions and they fused together in a single community that built a city that spreads its arms to every person who arrives, welcoming them all.


How To Arrive

From Galeao International Airport in Río de Janeiro, take the highway to Niteroi, cross the bridge and take BR101 down to Itaborai. Keep going that way up to Río Bonito.

Then take BR124 up to Araruma roundabout, from that point take BR106 to San Pedro de Aldea and Cabo Frío.

At San Pedro's entrance keep going through BR106 to Búzios and Macae. 14Km from that you have to turn right after a fuel provider station and 22Km. A little bit forward you'll find Búzios center.

Beach BuziosAbout Buzios

Approximately 5 miles long, the Búzios peninsula is bathed by the Brazilian and Antartic maritime currents. jmm

To the west, Búzios offers beaches with calm and warm waters and to the east the beaches are usually to the open ocean, with some coves and colder waters.

The wind coming from the east blows the rain away and maintains a pleasant temperature which averages 79ºF (26ºC).

The geography, which is quite particular, resembling more an island, is rich in natural beauty with privileged hillsides, rich vegetation and beaches of incomparable beauty.

The city, with about 14,000 inhabitants has its own architectural style, where constructions cannot be over two stories, leading to a harmonious integration of man with nature.

Buzios BrazilWeather

Buzios, Brazil has a temperature annual average of 26ºC, in the humid season that is during the summer the climate rather becomes hot and the maximum average is of 30ºC.

Normally and like in most of the localities near the sea, it is very common that it rains at time of summer that covers the months with November to March.

On the contrary in winter the Maxima mediates is of 20ºC and the minimum average of 12ºC. The driest months go from April to September. As far as the wind, it blows of the east and its microclimate moves away rains and causes that the temperature of the region is always pleasant as we already commented. If is compared it with the other states of Rio de Janeiro, it verifies that the average of days of sun and cleared nights is around twice greater than in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and three times greater than in Angra dos Reis.


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